Aug 22, 2012

Window Treatments at World Market

My mom, sister, and I were walking through World Market the other day, and we all noticed they have a great selection of window treatments. Along with your standard solid colors, World Market has a variety of patterns to choose from; here are a few of my favorites: 

You can read more about my love for patterned window treatments here.


Aug 13, 2012

Bold in the Bathroom

I’ve had this picture on my bathroom pinboard for awhile now (probably a couple months), and I still can’t get it out of my head!

I love the subway tile, wall paneling, marble countertop, and the double sink. But what I LOVE the most is the green color of the base. What an unexpected pop of color in an all white bathroom. To me, that is the perfect shade of green, not too primary and not too saturated. I’m determined to find a similar color since I would love to re-create this look in my own home someday. Here are some colors I found: 

Would you use such a bold color in your bathroom? 


Aug 9, 2012

Floor & Table Lamps

Because my husband is a cinematographer, (works with lighting on films) I will never have to worry if the rooms in my home will be well lit. For those of you who don’t have a cinematographer on call 24/7 I’m compiling a few basic tips on how to best utilize lighting in design. 

I’ve already touched on hanging lights (chandeliers, pendants, lanterns...) here. To quickly summarize, hanging lights should never be relied on for the sole source of light. It’s always better to layer lighting in your space to create soft pools of light throughout. So in combination with hanging lights, floor and table lamps should be used. 

Floor and table lamps may also be used to provide additional light to a defined space. There are dozens of places that would benefit from table lamps; front entry table, bedside tables, behind the sofa on a console table, or beside the sofa on a side table just to name a few.  

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been too fond of floor lamps. It’s hard for me to find lamps that are both functional and beautiful, but I must admit they can be especially helpful in adding height to a space. Typically, a floor lamp would be paired next to an arm chair, my favorite spot to get comfy and dig into a great book. 

Scale is often something not considered when people are looking to buy table lamps. As a general rule, narrow tables would require a slender lamp (a heavy, bulky lamp would look out of place). Also shorter lamps should go on smaller tables and tall lamps should go on larger tables. You may think that would be obvious, but it’s not always. In reality, it doesn’t matter what the “rules” say; if you like a certain lamp on a particular table, go for it!

That’s all I have on floor and table lamps; if you have something to add, please feel free to leave a comment! My next lighting topic will be wall be continued. 


Aug 6, 2012

Rugs for Bachelors

I met with a client over the weekend who had recently moved into a new home and needed some assistance choosing paint colors. I’m also helping him come up with a design concept for the main living spaces. My client is a bachelor who is not a fan of anything floral or traditional which proved to be a small challenge as I started the search for an area rug. There are plenty of rugs out there for men. However, rugs with football team logos weren’t quite the look I was going for. I was determined to find something both masculine and stylish; here are a few of my options:

1          2          3          4          5          6          7          8

Now I’m not saying these rugs are just for men, but these options would look great in a bachelor’s space. Their bold patterns provide visual interest, and the colors keep them from feeling too feminine. Which one is your favorite?


Aug 1, 2012

By the Beach

Well it’s back to work this week, and after a lovely family vacation in Florida last week it’s been hard not to daydream about swimming in the ocean. So here’s a collage of some stylish furniture and accessories inspired by the beach.